140th Octu, Royal Engineers, Newark

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140th Octu, Royal Engineers, Newark

Courtesy of Antoine

Bowbridge Road
Newark on Trent

The 140th Octu, Royal Engineers, Class 167, at Bowbridge Road Army Camp, Newark, during the Second World War. Left to right are (back row) O/cdts. Williams, R E, Williams, T D, Williamson, Wilson, Wootton, Wye; (next row) Rowell, Row, Sims, Smart, Sparke, Stables, Stevens, Talbot, Turner, Watts, Whitaker; (next row) Lyons, Macara, Northover, Delrichs, Parsons, Popham, Porter, Rich, Richardson, Riding, Robbens, Robson; (next row) Farrell, Fitzwilliam, Gee, Griffiths, Halan, Hegarty, Heritage, James, Jenkins, Jones, G D, Jones, R A, Kingsbury, Lawrence; (next row) Adams, Angrove, Bodgener, Bowyer, Bromley, Brook, Lt Dixon, O/cdt. Brooke, Butterfield, Cairns, Campbell, Carneigie.

Date: 01/02/1944

Organisation Reference: NCCE000904


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