Davies Road in the floods of 1947

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Davies Road in the floods of 1947

Courtesy of Nottinghamshire Archives

Davies Road
West Bridgford

Exceptionally cold weather swept from Russia that year bringing snow and frost. As the snows melted, the River Trent burst its banks at Wilford and West Bridgford. The flood waters reached as far as Nottingham train station, and reached a record height of 79ft and 4 inches on the 19th of February. Houses in Wilford had water up to second floor bedrooms. Army amphibious landing craft (see NCCS000305) and Sea Scouts in boats helped evacuate people marooned in houses. 700 volunteers helped rescue and bring relief to those affected. The harsh weather came at a particularly bad time after the Second World War, when people were still suffering rationing and caused severe hardship for many.

Date: 1947

Category: River, Road

Organisation Reference: NCCS001495


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