Bolham Mill

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Bolham Mill

Courtesy of Nottinghamshire Archives

Bolham Lane

The following is a small extraction from John Piercy's 'History of Retford' 1828. In which he mentions mills at Bolham:- 'It appears, almost from time immemorial, that Bolham has had a mill within its precincts, which once belonged to the ancient and worthy family of the Lovetots, of Worksop, and was by Emma, the wife of William de Lovetot, given to the monastery of St. Cuthbert, near Worksop, to buy wine for the use of the mass; as was also the assart of Assaley, to make wafers for the celebration of the same sacrament. Matilda de Lovetot, the last of the family of the Lovetots, who married Gerard de Furnival, confirmed this gift, and also another of all Bolum, with the land and mill, which Richard de Lovetot, her grandfather, had previously given. After the dissolution of the monasteries, Henry the eighth, by letters patent, dated October 28th, 1545, granted this manor to Sir Robert Swyft, Kt. and his brother William, and their heirs, together with two mills there, (one of which was designated as a Walk Mill,) and two gardens called the Chappel and Old Yard, which continued in their family until 1565, when it was conveyed to Francis Wortley, Esq.; it is now the property of the Thorold family.' The mill shown here was once used as a paper mill. Note that the windows here have been partially bricked up

Date: 1900-1999

Organisation Reference: NCCN000608


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