Action Songs on Sconce Hills for Sunday School Parade, Newark, 1920s

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Action Songs on Sconce Hills for Sunday School Parade, Newark, 1920s

Courtesy of Nottinghamshire Archives

Sconce Hills
Newark on Trent

Newark's annual Sunday School treat, staged by the Sunday Schools of non-conformist churches within the town, was held on the third Thursday (later Saturday) in June. Floats (or 'devices' as they were termed locally) assembled in pre-ordained order in the Market Place to be judged for their inventiveness and splendour. There were three categories, A, B and C. Category A was for religious themes, Category B for non-religious themes, and Category C for ordinary wagons by junior members. Certificates were also awarded for the best groomed horse pulling the devices. After judging the devices processed around the town preceded by children with garlands of flowers. A King and Queen of the treat were also elected to undertake the necessary ceremonies. The procession ended at Sconce Hills (now Devon Park) to the south of the town. Here races were run on the Bottom Hills, while on the Top Hills competitions in skipping, singing and performing 'Action Songs' were held on a central wooden platform. To make the day complete, each child was given a ticket which could be exchanged for a bun and lemonade.

Date: 1920

Organisation Reference: NCCK000209


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