Charabanc, Newark, 1984

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Charabanc, Newark, 1984

Courtesy of Nottinghamshire Archives

Not known
Newark on Trent

This charabanc dates from circa 1920. The registration number CT3491 was issued by the Kesteven district of Lincolnshire County Council at about that date. It is not possible to identify the bodybuilder, but the chassis may be by an American manufacturer, possibly Dodge Brothers; the wheels have American style bolt-on rims and the radiator shape is similar to other Dodge vehicles of the period. Dodge Brothers produced some light commercial vehicles and chassis in the USA from 1918 and some were imported, but in 1923 Dodge Bros (GB) Ltd was formed and a factory set up in Fulham. The charabanc pre-dates the London factory so, if it is a Dodge it has an imported chassis, but with right-hand steering.Exact location of photograph is unknown.

Date: 01/09/1984

Organisation Reference: NCCE004017


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